Ganzo GSA01-YE Axe


The Ganzo Axe GSA01-YE is a great addition to the Ganzo family of tools. Built for strength and endurance it is the right tool for hunting, camping, hiking and survival. This is the perfect hand tool to chop or split your small to medium size wood for campfires. Its also a great tool for cleaning and clearing areas for your outdoor activities. The saw is stored in the handle of the axe and is easily removed when it is needed. The total size of the axe is 30 cm x 18 cm. The blade edge is rounded. The third element of the set is a flint striker, that is 7cm in length and weighs only 11 grams. Compact and easy to carry when you go out for that overnight hiking trip.

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Set of three elements: Axe, Saw and Flint
The stainless steel 3CR13 is used
Material of the axe handle – nylon with fiberglass
Material of saw handle— plastic ABS
Axe is equipped with a plastic case on the cutting edge
Set weight is 860 grams
The total length of the saw — 30 cm
The total length of the axe — 34,7 cm
Cutting edge width — 8 cm
Flint size —